Rewind 14 years (ouch!) and I am in Year 8 Textiles and Design class. I emphasise Textiles and Design” because if you called it “sewing you were instantly on our teacher’s blacklist. I called in sewing, I called thread “string”, I really did not want to be in that class, I was probably rebelling against sewing (um-aaahhh) to impress some boy or something equally as trivial..

Fast forward to now and my how times have changed! Thankfully I impressed a boy enough for him to marry me and make a baby with me so I don’t need to pretend to like (Rugby), or not like (Sewing) a single thing!

My super talented/super-generous-with-her-time/super-tolerant-of-my-troubleshooting-and-overlocker-woes next door neighbour and bake off buddy Jane (Of Lil Pip Designs) offered to give me a sewing lesson one Saturday a few weeks ago.

I think it was meant to only be a couple of hours. Alas, the poor Husband was left on baby duty for most of the afternoon while I sewed, unpicked (ugh), drank coffee and ate homemade treats…

It wasn’t all gossip and afternoon tea, though!

It may have taken several hours, but you need to understand my foot was on that pedal going at a snails pace.

Ta-da! The sweetest little brown corduroy skirt I ever did see.

Jane was a legend and let me loose on her stash of amazing fabrics and trims and I settled on a small leftover piece of hedgehob fabric to do a featured cuff. Delightful much?

Brown cord skirt with the sweetest little hedgehog trim!

Not happy to rest just yet, we started on another project. I will save that for my next post.


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