Easy-Fit Pants for Girls & Boys

If you had told me a month ago that I could sew a pair of pants I would have laughed.


Seriously? With all those bits?! 

I am having a little flashback to our textiles class days and the total shocker pair of boxer shorts I made. From memory they were a sickly purple satin (or more likely cheapy-non-satin-ripoff). Slightly traumatised by that experience I felt a little sinking feeling when Lil Pip said I would be making a pair of pants for my text project.

Thankfully the wearer is only 13-odd months old and won’t complain if I totally stuff them up!

Off I went with a Pattern by Scientific Seamstress, and a little bundle of adorable flannelette and got sewing.

Well, I cut my fabric and was doing great until I got to the point where I was ready to hem and thought these are going to be very very low rise jammies indeed…


Those Mumma’s and Papa’s out there will no how big a nappy toting bottom can be, there is NO way Little A was wearing these without half a Huggie’s poking out the top.

I’m not even sure what I did wrong now.. I may have added extra length to the bottom part of the pattern rather than the top – which would explain the epic long legs!

The lovely Bridie from over at One Crafty Morning (and now the other half of Lil Pip!) suggested adding in a waistband to add a little extra length to the top of the pants.

Success! And far less terrifying than I had thought it would be.

Except for the unpicking. *shudder*



I popped them on Little A, and despite being in desperate need of a hemming – I was really pleased with them.


So pleased that I made a couple of pairs for some little guys from Mum’s group.

This time with a navy cord, and feature fabric cuffs.


Pants? Totally not intimidating at all.

Give them a go, you will surprise yourself!


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