Easy Envelope Clutch

Ever looking to push the skillset further, I was sent home the other day with a new pattern (Easy Envelope Clutch by Keyka Lou Patterns, now Michelle Patterns) and what became a reminder that oh em gee I haven’t sorted out a Mothers Day gift for my Mum. Card sorted, but no gift. Fail.

I gave myself nap time and after bed time the following day (and tying up the loose ends today, so to speak..) to make my Mummy a little something, ’cause Mums are the BEST.



I learnt a few new techniques with this project; interfacing, lining, slip stitching – which I was terrified to think about, oh – and troubleshooting my machine doing something totally whacky.

Kill it with fire! What just happened?!?

Kill it with fire! What just happened?!?

Panic mode and unpicking followed, rethreading my machine, making a whole new bobbin. Then hey lightbulb (!) read the manual.. lazy me never reads manuals.

keyka-lou-easy-envelop-e-clutch-3 keyka-lou-easy-envelop-e-clutch-4

Once A was in bed and dinner was underway, I set about getting this little gift finished.

Which of course can’t be done without wine.


While enjoying the above wine, I realised I didn’t have a suitable button to finish it off. They were either too small, too red. Cue an SOS call (Save Our Sewing?) message to next door who saved the day with a lovely see through red floral number – pretty much made to match the lining, right?


Oh, by the way.. that slip stitch thing I was developing a sweaty brow over – so not a big deal! And what a difference it makes to finishing it off. MUCH nicer than the Frankenstitch I used to use when making things.


Top stitching done on the flap.



I think if I make this particular clutch again I might go slightly less thick on the interfacing. It feels lovely and plush.. but a tad too thick for me. Only just though (and I am sure Mum won’t mind).

A finishing touch of a swing tag, on the reverse “Happy Mothers Day!”keyka-lou-easy-envelop-e-clutch-8


I am  in love with this gift wrap paper from Daiso. Look! Little Deer! Eeeee. $2.80 for 3 rolls? Sign me up.


“A good Mum lets her kids lick the whisk… A great Mum turns it off first”.


Happy Mothers Day this Sunday to all the Mums and Mums to be! Superheroes – all of you.


3 thoughts on “Easy Envelope Clutch

  1. Oh and the stitching thing is. Tension issue. I usually find re threading top and bottom helps. I read once if it is loose on the bottom (so your top thread is coming through) you redo the top thread and vice versa. I just do it all again!

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