Pocket Clutch


After creating the Easy Envelope Clutch and being pretty chuffed with the result, it was time to level-up to the Pocket Clutch.

Pattern also by Michelle Patterns. Click here to purchase it!

The first version of this pattern that I created (the greeny one below) was made entirely from fat quarter scraps kindly given to me by Lil Pip (Crafter, baker, sewist* extraordinaire).



Check out that lining!


Pretty funky, right?


Now, the second one I made was for a 30th Birthday present for one of my most loveliest friends in Sydney. I asked her for two of her fave contrasting colours and she said blue/coral.. so this was what I ended up with.


I hope she likes it! I took extra special care and time on this one just to make sure it’s as near to perfect as I am capable of getting.



I really love this pattern. It’s just a fun one to work on – it might be the contrasting lining, or the pocket – or when you get to turn it inside out  and see it pop into life. It’s a rewarding one, and I think I will come back to it again and again.

*Sewist, not sewer – because a sewer is where sewage hangs out. Well spotted, neighbour. I think from now on we should call ourselves sewists, don’t you?


One thought on “Pocket Clutch

  1. I will always, always be a sewist and never a sewer!!

    I adore your versions of this pattern. Can’t wait to see what else you create in the clutch/pouch/bag genre as I think it is your strength!!

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