Simple Zip Pouch

Unleashed on Lil Pip’s scrap bag, I found a few sweet little floral pieces and set one aside to become my first foray into zipper-dom.

I followed this super easy to follow tutorial from Ros at Sew Delicious.

Because my zip was quite a bit longer than the opening of the pouch, i had to trim it. When I went to open the zip – swoosh – off went the zipper pull. Thank goodness for YouTube!!



I didn’t line this pouch – so used the overlocker to finish the edges and stop it fraying.

We recently bought some Crayolas for A to start learning how to hold and use writing implements.. so far she just wants to get them all over her clothes and give them a taste test (non toxic – stress not). Which is odd, whenever I use a whiteboard marker to add something to our shopping list she just MUST HAVE IT or tantrums will follow. The riddle of a toddler’s brain, hey.

Well, at least now those tasty, tasty Crayolas have somewhere to hang out.



Give the tutorial a go – it’s really easy. I was surprised I smashed this one out so quickly.

I can see myself making loads of these.


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