Tessuti Fabrics Mandy Boat Tee

I have put off posting this one for ages because I am so bloody traumatised by the experience.

Seriously – I thought this pattern was cursed from the beginning. Perhaps I jinxed myself by buying a poxy jersey knit from Spotlight? IDK.

I cut it out easy enough, front, back, two sleeves. HOW HARD COULD THIS BE?


Excuse the washy photos. Camera went a bit loopy that day!


I should preface this with the fact that this was my first experience sewing with knits. Ever.

  • First I tried to use a regular non-stretch needle to do my neckline. Fail.
  • Then I finally bought a stretch needle and broke that within (and I am not even exaggerating here) the first two minutes of doing a test on some scrap. Fail.
  • Then my machine kept eating the fabric because it is rubbish and I probably need a new fancy one for my birthday hint hint. Fail (sort of).


I borrowed Lil Pip’s overlocker and one of her stretch twins (Endless thank you’s) and ended up smashing the damn thing out after I put Anne down for the night. I kind of rushed it a bit because I was just a bit over it by that stage.

BUT. Now I know that you really can’t stuff about with any old needles it’s actually a relatively simple top to knock out.

I got a little bit of a pucker thing happening on the shoulders, but that’s because I cut too far in with my final stitches to create the “boat” neckline.

Next time, Gadget!


I bought some gorgeous (and totally non-poxy) Tessuti Jaywalk fabric and have put it aside to make another of these, but I think I’ll wait a while yet. I’m still picking myself off of the floor. Haha.


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