Lil Pip’s June Sewing Challenge – Commuter Cowel

The Lil Pip June sewing challenge is well underway.

June’s challenge is The Commuter Cowel by Very Shannon.

Image from Very Shannon – click to buy your pattern!

Pick up your pattern here.

While I’m not really a commuter anymore (unless we can count walks around the park with a pram and a dog as a commute??) I think this is a super cool little item to grab off the coat rack when you’re scooting out the door during the cooler weather.

As soon as Jane announced this challenge I knew what fabric I was going to use – some deer flannel that I had seen at Spotlight on special for $4 a meter. I had to return some bobbins that were bang on $4 so got my fabric for free. Hooray!

Within the pattern Shannon talks about the different size options for the cowel, I made mine on the bigger side as I knew being made from flannel it was likely to get more use during the cooler days – although with the temps we’ve been having this week my infinity scarf is pretty much the only thing cutting it for neck warmth.

Thankfully I got to see Lil Pip make hers so some of the wording in the pattern that didn’t really make sense to me was clarified by watching one of these cowels come to life.

Enough rambling – here it is!

Em Threads - Commuter Cowel

Oh goodness, look at that regrowth (occupational hazard of SAHMing).

Anywho – this pattern is seriously super fast and really easy. I think I’ll whip up another of these for sure.


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