Lil Pip July Challenge – Strap Clutch

Scraping this one in *just* in the nick of time. Can you believe it is only a couple of days until AUGUST?

When July rolled on in I thought to myself “wonderful, I have a whole month to tackle the challenge” – all of a sudden it is 28th July and I silently curse myself for being lazy.

I had every intention of starting earlier though, it’s true. Way earlier. Like the 26th at a sewing day organised by Jane and Ros. Buuuut let’s just say that someone finishing up at his old job and going out to farewell drinks doesn’t really lend itself to being able to flee the house early on a Saturday for a day of sewing (and delicious treats). Next time, gadget.

Anyway! Here we are, one day out from the end of July and I did it.

This month we used the Michelle Patterns – Strap Clutch pattern.


I cut the pattern out without any dramas, and fabric selection was a cinch as I had this awesome bright fat quarter that I picked up from spotty for a BUCK. Can’t go wrong for one dollar, hey. Teamed up with some leftover brown cord from a dress I made Little A, and some bright limey green cotton for lining I was on my way.

I discussed batting options with Jane and after accidentally buying a pack of bamboo batting for $24.95 and promptly returning it (I only saw the last half of the sign 4.95 and thought “BARGAIN!”). And thought her suggestion of leftover flannel was great – didn’t cost me anything.

I played with some polyester wadding as an option.. but seriously, have you felt that stuff? I’m pretty sure it should be illegal. It’s just horrendous.

Thankfully the cord was thick enough that the flannel was perfect sandwiched between the layers.


I wasn’t sure if I should skip the quilting step for the exterior fabric, but I’m glad I did it – it’s quite a nice effect going against the pinwale lines of the cord.

You wanna talk about something disastrous though? Let’s talk about the flap..

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 1.23.44 PM

What’s wrong with that picture? Look closely.. the strap hole is at the top of the flap, not the bottom. After having spent a couple of solid hours on it that day (during precious nap time!) I was preeeetty peeved at myself and had many moments of considering either a) binning it and waiting until the next challenge because seriously?! and b) thinking I can save this, don’t be lazy.

I slept on it after having a instagram whinge, and decided YES let’s unpick this mother and make it work.

Thankfully I had just enough of the fat quarter left to make a new flap – and I am so glad I did. I had a chance to be tidier with my top stitching and learnt from my first attempt on a few steps.





All in all I loved this pattern – I have enjoyed all of the Michelle Patterns I have used so far actually. This one was definitely the most challenging one yet, but after re-reading one of point 4’s items over and over for about 20 minutes it finally clicked in my brain.

You need surprisingly little materials and notions to make what ended up being a really sturdy and impressive clutch.

How did yours go? I’d love to see them!


2 thoughts on “Lil Pip July Challenge – Strap Clutch

  1. I love love love love it.

    I knew this would be a challenge for you (it is for me too!). I’m super duper impressed not to get any knocks on my door so regardless of one ever so tiny mistake, you should be proud. FANTASTIC!

    • Aww thank you! I *almost* had to pick your brain about the point I facebook messaged you about – but I was like “no, you can do this you need to learn”. Hooray. Thanks Teach! x

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