Patchwork Coffee Cozy Tutorial

A few weeks back I picked up a totally delightful little Coffee Cozy for a Mum’s group friend (who returned to work recently) from Far Fetched Designs.

If you’re around my way – go and check them out – they are currently, but only until the end of August, based around the corner on Anderson Street, Yarraville.

Anywhooooo.. after I gifted it I thought “hey, I could make that!”

So I set out and found a lovely little tutorial over at Skip To My Lou – you can read it here!


I topstitched the patchwork panels, too. I just thought it looked a bit unfinished without it. But you could leave it off if you feel it’s unnecessary.

I can’t recall who created the one that I purchased, but if she ever happens to read this and thinks “Hey, I sold Coffee Cozies at Far Fetched!” then, girl… put your prices up, this thing took me AGES!

Coffee Cozy

To be fair though, I am a beginner at this sewing shebangabang.. so maybe you can whip them up in like 30 minutes, in which case you are a genie and I will go sit back on the couch and accidentally stab my fingers while over-pinning my next project. 😉

The above Coffee Cozy is currently en-route to a friend in Sydney in an Express Post bag of Birthday goodness!

Here’s a test run Cozy I made before the patchwork one. I need to move the button as it’s too loose to fit around a small coffee cup.



Sorry about all the iPhone photos. I didn’t think to take decent snaps before it went into the post. Ah well!





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